What is Lovense FLESHMAX Mens Sexual Health Love Toy

What is Lovense FLESHMAX Mens Sexual Health Love Toy Max 2 Masturbator Artificial Vagina WL-lead-old-post-blog-fleshmax


Lovense Max is a male masturbator toy for men, which can be handheld as well. This automatic male mens stroker is designed to men, it is said to be able to fit around 95% of penises. It is one of the best male masturbators and has a lot of features that will be appealing to men.


  • Material: It has a very skin-like material which is similar to the ones found on the higher end of the masturbators which have been tried. It is soft to use, but has a very stimulating inner lining which will certainly be loved by men. With this, it will give one of the best male masturbation experiences.
  • Customized Air Suction: Lovense Max is an automatic male masterbator that comes with a vibrating sequence as well as an air pump design which can be used in tandem to oscillate and then undulate all along the penis. This helps create a blowjob or a sensation that is similar to it. This male masterbation device comes with an air vent that can be used for customized suction as well.
  • Handheld: The lovense max 2 masturbator is fully handheld which ensures that you can use it however you like and position it just like you please.
  • Battery and Bluetooth: The whole battery of this male masturbation toy is rechargeable and the entire thing is fully Bluetooth compatible. This ensures that you will be able to use the masturbator with your partner even in a long-distance relationship. This is certainly a lot of exciting than just using your hand. But for this, your partner will also have to use the same device.
  • What does it feel like?

    The material is soft but it feels artificial and the worst of all, cold at first. But the friction does begin to warm it up and the stickiness inside it also retreats. Also, the inside of it is cushiony and it is very intricate as well, which will feel good on your dick. When it comes to ranking it amongst all the other artificial vaginas, then it does rank pretty well. It is one of the best hands free male masterbators and it will surely get you off.

    Pros of Lovense Max

  • The battery of this electric male masterbator is fully rechargeable and the lifespan is pretty good as well.
  • You will find that the air pump can be set in various settings which means that you can get your pleasure in various ways.
  • This toy has a very intricate and soft inner lining which is enough to please you, but on top of it, it vibrates as well which makes the experience more pleasurable.
  • You can use this toy with your partner, especially if they are far away. Just use Bluetooth and make use of your phone as a sort of remote control.
  • It is also pretty big and spacious so it can accommodate a lot of different types of penises.
  • The mechanisms and material are fully safe and can be hypoallergenic as well.
  • One of the few cons of this great masturbation toy is that it isn’t waterproof. Also, for now, there is just one kind of sleeve that is available with it. So if you don’t like what comes with it, then tough luck. Overall, this is one of the best male sex toys available in the market. It has a lot of attractive features, but it is pretty expensive as well. Still, there is not much Bluetooth wifi pocket pussy in the market which is better than this.


    Lovense Max
    Lovense Max 2

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